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NO Scalpel, NO Stitches, NO Big Scars!

Melbourne Hair Transplant's preferred technique eliminates the use of scalpel surgery and stitching. That means no scalpels, no linear scarring, and little to no post-operative pain!
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Modern Hair Replacement

Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic uses a meticulous procedure that is the latest in hair transplant technology - a stark contrast to the 'scalpel procedure' performed in most hair loss clinics.
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Hair Transplant Specialists

We are dedicated to providing the utmost in patient care, discretion and information - you will be treated by a dedicated hair transplant surgeon, not a technician!
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Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic

Using the most advanced hair replacement techniques

Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic is a hair loss clinic in Melbourne, Victoria; dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss. We provide the highest standard of care in the field of hair replacement and hair transplantation with the latest advancements and technology available.

  • Before hair transplant 8 months after hair transplant
  • Before eyebrow hair transplant Four days after eyebrow hair transplant
  • On the day of FUE hair transplant 12 months after hair transplant

We specialise in:

  • Medical assessments of hair loss
  • Advanced and modern hair transplant techniques
  • Advice regarding medical therapy for hair loss

Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic utilise a "No-Scalpel, No Suture" technique called Follicular Unit Extraction and Implantation. This procedure involves meticulous "one-by-one" removal of healthy hairs ("Follicular Units") from the back of the scalp, followed by implantation into the balding areas. There is a strong emphasis on graft survival, which is maximised by reduced handling of follicles, less time out of the scalp, and careful implantation.

credit card iconHow much does FUE hair transplant cost?

Price is important but so is high standards of medical practice, so make sure you are well informed before making your decision. As a consumer/potential patient you need to be aware and understand that FUE surgery is not performed in the same way at all hair transplant practices.

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