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There are essential steps in the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant process but hair follicle extraction is one of the most important stages. Melbourne Hair Transplant now uses the Powered Cole Isolation Device (PCID) on all FUE hair transplants; one of the most advanced technologies available from the top manufacturer of hair restoration instrumentation in the industry, Cole Instruments.

The FUE method of hair transplant uses a series of specifically designed instruments to extract hair follicles one by one. There is no invasive incision or stitches and staples as with FUT/FUG. Follicles are dissected into sections of 1-4 hairs each and are implanted into the desired area. Great care is taken to ensure no trauma is caused to the follicles. Ensuring the hair will grow well in its new position.

Of the specialised tools used to extract follicles during the FUE process, a hair transplant surgeon may choose either manual punches or a motorised device. The advantage of motorised devices over manual is greater accuracy and efficiency of the extraction process, plus better-quality grafts. That means a faster procedure time for the patient.


Powered Cole Isolation Device


Powered Cole Isolation Device hand unit

Images: Cole Instruments


The Powered Cole Isolation Device for extracting follicles has a stainless-steel punch that rotates, oscillates, and has an adjustable depth. It is easier for your physician to access and remove follicles without risking damaging them. The stem cells stay intact. The higher yield means there are a greater number of healthy follicular units ready to be implanted, restoring the desired hairline.

Key Takeaways from this Post

  • The FUE method uses specially-designed instruments to extract donor follicles one by one and transplants them to the desired areas.
  • The PCID for extracting follicles has a stainless-steel punch that rotates, oscillates, and adjusts for depth, meaning accuracy, efficiency, and better-quality grafts.
  • To find out more book an appointment with Dr Paraskevas.