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Many of the world renowned FUE doctors attended this meeting including John Cole (USA), Alex Ginsburg (Israel), Jose Lorenzo (Spain), Bijan Feriduni (Belgium) and Jean Devroye (Belgium), to name a few.

The focus, as always, was on contemporary approaches in FUE through 3 days of live surgical procedures. This workshop is absolutely essential for Hair Transplant Surgeons wishing to improve on their skills and stay ahead with the advancements in the ground-breaking treatment that is FUE.

Dr Peter Paraskevas, Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Surgeon, attended this meeting and had the unique opportunity to exchange ideas with many of the specialists in the FUE field of Hair Transplantation. He was also able to observe live, one on one cases with Dr John Cole in Ankara, Turkey for 3 days, following this meeting.

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Dr Paraskevas also had the chance to collaborate with Hair Transplant colleagues from Spain and Portugal.


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The focus will now be on the up and coming ISHRS meeting in Chicago, USA.