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We’re excited to add Hair Cycle products to our arsenal of tools to help men and women in their hair restoration journeys. Hair Cycle products are now available in Australia exclusively from Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic.

Hair Cycle was formulated by renowned and top awarded hair transplant surgeon, Dr John P Cole, MD, to discourage thinning and baldness, and to effectively grow and retain hair. These products incorporate popular treatments while promoting overall hair health.

Let’s Talk Hair Growth Cycles

To help understand why Hair Cycle products can help, it’s important we first understand the three phases of normal hair growth.

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Anagen Phase

This is the phase of active growth. Hair in this phase grows an average of 1.25 cm per month for anywhere from three to seven years.

Catagen Phase

A 10-day long short hair growth phase, where the follicle is cut off from it’s current strand’s nutritional supply, resulting in miniaturisation.

Telogen Phase

In this phase, the hair sheds and the hair follicle become dormant for between on to four months. Then new growth begins, and a new strand emerges.


As we age, the hair growth cycle begins to change. Less follicles enter the anagen phase and less nutrients are received by the hair strands. Hair growing on the scalp can switch from normal hair growth and strength, to short, pale-coloured, thin and barely noticeable hair (vellus hair). Hair Cycle products help counter these effects, encouraging greater thickness and health, and prevents greater hair loss by counteracting hormones that encourage it.

We carry the full line of Hair Cycle products, including: Shampoo, Conditioner, WNT Act Hair Spray, Post-Surgical Gel, Root Volumizing Hairspray, Post Biotin Spray, and Texture Gel.

How can Hair Cycle fit into your existing hair restoration journey?

After Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Cycle Post-Surgical Gel - The Post-Surgical Gel helps accelerate healing and minimize scarring. Particularly effective for hair transplant procedures, this gel improves the healing of most bodily wounds.

Post Biotin Spray – The concentrated Post Biotin Spray helps accelerate scalp healing. This is a special formula that specifically encourages regeneration after hair transplant procedures. This formula keeps scabs moist, speeding up recuperation. It alleviates itching and soothes to help ensure a pleasant recovery.

Daily Use and Hair Styling

Hair Cycle Shampoo and Conditioner – Hair Cycle Shampoo contains DHT inhibitors. Hair loss in men is most often caused by the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which attaches itself to the genetically predisposed hair follicles and gradually destroys them. The DHT inhibitors make this shampoo excellent for helping with hair retention. Hair Cycle Conditioner adds a light layer of protection, making your hair more manageable while improving thickness and maximizing shine. Hair Cycle Conditioner contains a vast array of proteins and other nutrients to foster overall hair health and durability.

WNT Act Hair Spray - Add greater thickness to your hair with WNT Act Hair Spray. The WNT pathway is vital for follicular growth and generation. In fact, these pathways are the first to initiate follicular generation and growth. Its inhibitor, androgens like DKK1, perpetuate thinning and baldness throughout most people's lifetimes. WNT Act counteracts such hair loss by adding more WNT to your hair through methyl vanillate, a safe, plant-derived ingredient and trehalose, a protein stabilizer, to more efficiently apply it.

Root Volumizing Hairspray – The Root Volumising Hairspray does all the things you want a hairspray to do. Maximum hold, with flexibility, weightless to style your hair. It also includes a natural sunscreen. Environmental and solar damage can both contribute to hair loss, making this spray particularly ideal for sunny environments.

Texture Gel - Great for styling your hair, this gel is also 100% natural and safe. It never clogs pores or impedes the scalp's breathing, fortified with Vitamin B5, crucial for hair health.

Key Takeaways

  • Hair Cycle products can be used to assist in the growth and retention of hair.
  • Hair Cycle products can be used following hair transplant surgery to aid in healing and support new growth in transplanted grafts.
  • Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic is the exclusive Australian stockist for Dr John Cole’s Hair Cycle products. Find out more about how you can purchase Hair Cycle products.
  • Find out more about our hair loss treatments.